Hello There! We're Matt & Kim.

We are the founders of Drip From The Crypt! Kim is the artist and creator behind our lil' spooky operation, while Matt is our muscle, fastest wax slanger in the Wild West, and creative director (which means he is the final round of approval for Kim's silly lil' designs). We are a package deal and none of this would be possible without the other! 

We started Drip From The Crypt in 2022, however our origin story began many moons ago with Kim's love (possible obsession) for Halloween and attending Cons. When Kim would attend Comic Con Conventions with her pals, she would always take her time and search the event for Horror themed items. It was like a little treasure hunt to see what she could find from what little was available back then. When she ran into fellow Halloween cosplayers (which was few and far between), it felt like meeting up with an old friend you had a secret handshake with. They just "got it".

It became our mission to create high quality and unique products for all of the spooky soldiers out there (none of that slapping a spooky sticker on crummy products type thang). Which is why we spent countless hours researching and testing our products to ensure the items you receive are not only spooktacular, but high quality too. 

The Horror/Halloween subculture has grown so much in recent years and it truly is a dream to be able to create products that bring our customers, who are on their own spooky journeys, the same joy and excitement that we felt when we found that perfect spooky item. 

Thank you for joining us on this journey, we look forward to slanging that wax for you in the years to come!